Things you must know about interracial relationships in Australia


interracial dating in Australia

A lot of people would like to believe that interracial relationships are a pretty recent phenomenon but this is a huge myth that needs to be busted. Interracial relationships have always existed since a long time, but the attitude that we have towards it has altered a lot in the recent years.

Anti-miscegenation laws existed and they were repealed as well but sadly, we still cannot claim to have done away racial biases and prejudices. In such times, dating someone from a race that is often viewed with scepticism in Australia, can bring a lot of extra concerns for you. We want that you should have a very healthy relationship and that is why this article will be helpful for you to know the dynamics of interracial dating better.

Not only this, you should also be well-informed about interracial relationships and what they mean, so that you can be a pillar of support to your friends and family who might have partners from other races. Here are a few things that you should definitely know about interracial relationships in Australia:

When we stereotype people of a particular race, we are thinking of them as mere objects and not as humans who have their own independent choices, outside of their race. We constitute their whole identity in terms of which race they belong to. To think that African men are dominating or Asian women are very submissive is to reiterate such racial stereotypes.

Many of you might think that people who date across racial and ethnic boundaries actually want to make a statement with it. Well, this is not always true and they do not always want to make a political statement. Neither are they people who want to rebel against their family or their race. Maybe they are just two people who fell in love. Not hard to believe, is it?

Sex is definitely an important part of any romantic relationship. However, to think that this is the only reason that people of different races are together and are experimenting is to have a very narrow view of things. A person may be sexually very active irrespective of what race they belong to.

We usually tend to over-sexualize people who belong to a race other than ours and vice-versa. Doing this makes us forget the most vital part of a relationship, which is love.

Just like any other relationship between people of the same race, interracial relationships are also different from one another. There is no particular norm that interracial couples follow.
Just like everyone else, they have their own desires, preferences, and choice of partners. It is very wrong to put all the interracial relationships in a box and think of them as being homogenous. This reduces the interracial couples into becoming more like robots who are expected to behave in a certain manner.

The fact that we have to write this article and you are reading it, proves that racism has engulfed our minds in such ways that we cannot think of people from other races as being just like us. Of course, there will be cultural differences but that does not make anyone any different as humans.

Interracial couples always have had to put in more effort into their relationship than other couples. This is more because of the social pressure than any differences that they might have between themselves.

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