The Challenges of Interracial Dating in Australia No One Talks About


interracial dating in Australia

Dating someone of a different race definitely comes with an interesting set of challenges that couples can’t really predict until they are smack in the middle of an interracial relationship.

Though ordinary interracial couples mostly have positive experiences walking down the streets of Australia, they also have a ton of experience with situations they’d rather forget.

Besides the dirty looks and rude comments, here are some challenges of  Interracial Dating in Australia that many Australian couples still have to deal with.

Explicitly telling the same people over and over again you are together
The hardest part of many interracial relationships is having to tell people you are together. Often white Australians assume that when the white Australian partner is a woman, they are being paid to hang out or entertain the man they are with, which is an awful feeling for the couple.

Other couples have noticed that the white Australian is spoken to first, served first and it is assumed they are not together. Both people also notice that they still get hit on in front of one another as if they are not in a relationship – even when doing relationship-like things, such as holding hands.

Dealing with jokes from friends, family and colleagues that play on ethnic stereotypes
It is difficult to know what to do for many interracial couples the first time their partner is talked about negatively due to the color of their skin.

Many couples report it starts as light teasing, but soon escalates to more sinister comments, like those questioning whether they are in a real relationship or asking how their partner’s apartment smells.

You have to decide pretty early on how you are going to deal handle the comments and the people that say them, which can get tricky if it’s your boss or family member.

Finding a place to go where people aren’t staring or asking invasive questions
Couples get used to the stares, but sometimes they just don’t want to deal with them, but it’s hard to find date night locations where it doesn’t happen (besides going to see a movie).

Interracial couples try to find places where there are mixed groups of people, but outside of larger cities, it’s extremely difficult to find some peace. It’s even harder to find other interracial couples to have double dates with.

As the relationship continues, however, most couples say this becomes less of a challenge as they learn to tune out and manage negative people much better.

People assume the relationship won’t last
It’s hard to keep other people out of your relationship, but it’s important when people have low expectations that it will work out – which is exactly what many Australian interracial couples face at the beginning of a new relationship.

The naysayers strongly let them know just how fast their relationship will end, yet have little to say after months go by. Interesting.

Love Overcomes All
At least, for those who think their relationship is worth the stares, glares and disrespect. Interracial dating in Australia is alive and well, but the challenges are real too.

When you know what’s coming though, you both can handle it with smug grace.

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