Interracial Dating for “Experience” – Is It Wrong?


So let’s say you’ve always been attracted to people of different races. Maybe you’re a black man who prefers white women, or a black woman that likes Latino men. Maybe you’re an Asian who likes to date outside your own race. Truthfully, it’s only natural to want to date other people who are “opposite” of most of your own family members or neighborhood. It’s new and exciting!

Many people actually go overseas when single just so they can have an exotic interracial dating experience, and meet the Europeans of their dreams. Some men love the idea of dating a Filipina woman, while women may find true-blood Italians irresistible.
It doesn’t really matter, because you’re allowed to like what you like. And yes, the idea of dating someone new is exhilarating. But does that mean you have to take every single coupling seriously?

The Foibles of Being a Player

This may be a touchy area with some people, since there are stereotypes out there about various races “toying” with others, just for sport or as some kind of proof of social status. This is all nonsense and playing into stereotypes only perpetuates racism.

There is nothing wrong with the idea of experimenting with someone sexually or intimately, even without a serious commitment. The only catch being both parties have to be aware that this is a fling or friends with benefits arrangement.

Obviously, if a man has an interracial girlfriend and promises her that he’s in love—while cheating on her with other people, this is exploitation. Same thing if a woman does it to a man. The only time sex is “free” is when both partners offer consent and are in complete agreement as to the rules of the relationship.

Hiding or lying to someone is dishonest and frankly, it only fuels stereotypes, which harms interracial relationship. Not all men are the same and certainly, no particular race exhibits personality traits all the same. We have differing viewpoints, attitudes and qualities and it hurts when someone stereotypes all races as doing the same thing or exhibiting negative qualities.

Stay Honest and Open-Minded

Yes, it is a good idea to experiment when you’re single or young, and don’t have any pressing commitments. It gives you an opportunity to figure out yourself; what you want and don’t want. The kind of partner you want ideally, versus the idea of a partner that you can’t really handle in reality.

You may find that you are attracted to some types of partners, but don’t seem to feel love or romance towards them. This is what experimenting and taking chances with new friends can lead to; learning experiences that will help you filter out the wrong kind of partner as you grow.

It’s good to get all that doubt out of the way early on rather than having it continue through marriage. The more you open your heart and stay honest, always with sensitivity towards your partner, the better adjusted you will be in your lifetime of romance.

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