If an Aussie Should Come Knocking


Yes, it’s true!  Australians are a friendly people, with a great deal of curiosity.  They like to explore new ideas, learn about other countries and their cultures, and try just about anything that appears to be fun or different.  This doesn’t mean you have to be remarkable to catch an Aussie’s attention; just that you’ll find the attention lasts longer if you sit back, enjoy your ride and keep an open mind.

Aussies are Independent Thinkers

When dating an Aussie, there is really no stereotype for guidelines.  Australia is a young country, and like all that is youthful and freshly awakening, the people tend to think progressively and determine their own value systems.  Over seven million of the current residents were born outside Australia, adding to the cultural and ethnic pool and creating an enormous degree of diversity in life styles, attitudes and opinions.   In a poll taken of Australian ancestral origins, about fifty percent claimed either British or Irish, although most prefer to simply say they are Aussies.

The most typical thing you’ll find about Australians is that they are direct and to the point.  They also, typically,  have strong family values.   If an Aussie has taken an interest in you, chances are good he or she is interested in a long-term relationship and not just a fling.  Although a large number of older Australians are traditional, usually thinking in terms of marriage, young Aussies are more liberal.  They are comfortable with having live-in partners, more accepting of casual dating, but prefer that the definition of their relationship is spelled out beforehand. If you’re not playing around, make that interest real.

Common Aussie Misconceptions

The tough, swaggering, outback dweller isn’t really a typical Aussie.  Aussie’s may be tough.  They live in a rugged environment, with a large number of hostile bugs and snakes, but they are primarily urban dwellers.  Most live in a handful of large cities scattered along the coast-line and retain a highly cosmopolitan view.  What most do have in common is a love for sports, a strong personal drive, and a spirit for adventure.

The Inter-Racial Aussie

Typical of life before the 1970’s, Australia was once a highly segregated community.  Traditional values were British influenced, with a strong emphasis placed on marriage within your race.  Aboriginal rights were non-existent.  Fifty years of introduced civil rights is a long time; long enough to create a youthful society in which over fifty percent claim to be of mixed-race heritage.

While interracial relationships in Australia are casually accepted among the youth, there is still the uncomfortable crisis among some about bringing their favored companion home for dinner.  Among the more traditional homes, the conflict can be so great, that your Aussie companion might try to avoid them altogether.  Don’t think too harshly about your partner if this should happen to occur.  It will take time and understanding to create a bridge for this relationship in which family values are strong and the need to integrate the interracial love affair is great.

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