How to create a killer profile on AU interracial dating sites


The internet has done a lot of good things, one of which is making interracial dating easy, super easy. With a few clicks of the mouse, you can send hundreds of attractive people a chat invitation. Others too can send you an invite.

Your chances of winning a date on AU interracial dating sites improves manifold if your profile is attractive. The opposite is equally true. A poorly constructed profile can turn you into a social outcast.

Here are some do’s and don’ts of creating a great online dating profile, one which would tempt viewers to send you a chat invitation. So be prepared for all the attention you would soon start getting.


Insert a photo

Not using a photo in your profile lowers response rate by as much as 16 times. Take the hint: upload a photo. Avoid using your smartphone to click a photo. Instead, use an SLR camera. Group pictures are a complete no-no. Your pic must have only you in it, and daytime photos get better response than night photos.

Include a photograph showing you taking part in an exciting activity

Examples could be a photo showing you playing an instrument or in a unique location or taking part in a sport.

Write sociable interests

People who mention solitary passions usually get fewer invites, perhaps because interested persons are not sure how they will fit into their world.

Describe yourself in brief and keep the tone upbeat

Avoid a description that’s too long or too deep. Say something similar to what you will say to an interesting person whom you have just met in a bar.


Using a photo that’s outdated

Always use a recent photo for AU interracial dating. If your photo is more than 12 months old, it shouldn’t be used in your profile. Unmet expectations are the number one reason why first dates don’t convert into more dates.

Uploading a photo taken using a flash

For some reasons, people look older in photos taken with a flash. So it is best to avoid such a photo.

Mentioning your ex in the profile

In case you are separated or divorced, tick the right status box in section of the site where you are asked to reveal information about yourself. But do not mention your ex when describing yourself in the profile section. This would show others that you are not yet ready to enter a relationship.

Writing a long, boring shopping list

Nothing is more boring than reading a shopping list in the section “Qualities you want in your partner” section. Instead of writing “I want to meet someone who is tall, intelligent, funny, extrovert, loyal, sociable, handsome…” write specific traits, like “Want to meet someone who enjoys travelling to far-off places”.
Finally, remember your profile should tell something about you, but not everything. Enchant the viewers by uploading a good solo photo and a brief description about yourself, and they will come back to you to know more.

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