Does an Interest in Interracial Dating Make You Racist?


The term “racist” is thrown around to such an extent today that some people are afraid to ever fully speak their mind about interracial dating preferences. If a woman says that she does not date black men, the immediate response of others is that she must be racist. Our opinions on racial preference are guided by several things that we have control over. No matter what, having a preference in skin color is no different than having a preference in age or income level, and it certainly doesn’t make you racist. Here are the factors that dictate what we find attractive.

Socioeconomic Views

As difficult as it is for some of us to admit we often judge others based on the color of their skin and what they wear. If you see an African-American man wearing a large chain and a wrap on his head then you might immediately think that he is from a lower socioeconomic class. Upon meeting this individual you may discover that he is actually well-educated and holds a very good job while also having his life pretty much in order. Socioeconomic views come in many shapes and sizes and cater to all types of races. They are constantly thrust upon us through the media, television shows and movies, and even the general upbringing in certain parts of the country. It can be exceptionally difficult to realize you are prejudging someone based on these ideas, for this reason it’s always better to not judge a book by its cover.

Pheromones Matter

Multiple reports on what makes individuals attracted to another have focused on the concept of pheromones. This is the natural sent which each individual gives off. It is registered by the brain of another individual as either favorable or not favorable. When it comes to interracial dating, some individuals prefer a specific race for this reason. Although most people are some sort of mixed race, their pheromone groups tend to fall in specific categories. This means that the pheromone appeal of someone who is African-American may be less favorable to that of someone who is Latino. Just because you choose to dislike a specific group of people for this reason, in terms of your dating life, does not mean you are racist. Instead it’s just your body’s natural response to theirs.

Perception of Attractiveness

Another set of scientific reports supports the idea that we often date with their own race because we seek out individuals who are like us. When we look in the mirror we see things that we like about ourselves and then look for those similar features in our partner. Our perception of what is attractive is based on the way our eyes are shaped, the plumpness of our lips, the structure of our cheekbones, and even the color of our skin. For no discernible reason, some individuals simply favor the physical attributes of a specific race. Perhaps you like the plumpness of African-American men and women or you like the cheekbone structure of the Latino race. Either way, these little things are what we find attractive and what cultivate the interracial dating scenario. Once again, you are not racist but simply have a preference that is no different from someone’s preference in the hair color or eye color that another individual has.

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