Daily struggles that interracial couples in Australia face



interracial dating in Australia

While we were researching on interracial dating, we realized that there are some issues that interracial couples have to deal with, on an everyday basis. You might think that it’s all hunky dory for interracial couples but the truth is that they face such struggles that they did not expect before getting into the relationship.

We would like to tell you that many of these struggles might feel too insignificant but they will actually affect you a lot more than you expect, once they start happening with you. Here are some of the problems that interracial couples in Australia face:

Ever felt left out when you go out with your better half and their friends who are not from your race? This means that you are the odd one out! Your partner and their friends will all look homogenous because of their own racial features and you will look significantly different from them.

There might not be anything going on your mind but that guy at the door of the restaurant might let your entire group in and stop you. You will then go on to explain that you too are a part of the group, exchange a few looks, and then walk in smoothly.

One of the most common types of interracial couples are the ones where one partner is black and the other is white. Well, we are sure you know the difficulties. This can get funny but also frustrating at times. Adjusting the light to get a perfect selfie can be difficult, especially when none of you want to look either very bright or very dark.

We know that being in a relationship means that a lot of jokes will be passed around. Things get a bit trickier with an interracial couple in Australia. There will be jokes that will be made on your race; often, those jokes are based on racial stereotypes. The jokes do not always mean any harm but they just might get a bit overwhelming after a point.

What is worse than being blatantly asked what your partner is? Being hit on is even worse. Picturise the scenario in your head where you go to a party with your partner and suddenly someone starts hitting on your partner. This means that they just assumed that you guys are not together and took their chance to hit on your partner.

Being a parent of children born from an interracial union can be a tough job. You probably would never think that you will have to justify the background of your children and make people believe that they are actually yours. Why this happens you ask? Primarily because your children look very different from you or your partner. You see, we do not have control over our genes!

One of the most exasperating situations is when people try to guess the racial identity of your partner. Some of them go to extent of doing it right in front of your spouse. It can give you a really hard time. What can be even worse is that half of those people assume that races include only blacks, browns, and whites. The fact that mixed races exist is conveniently ignored by them.

We cannot promise that dealing with these interracial dating problems will be easy for you as an interracial couple but you will definitely have an inkling of what to expect from people when you go out with your partner. We hope that this article has been of some help.

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