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The Challenges of Interracial Dating in Australia No One Talks About

interracial dating in Australia

Dating someone of a different race definitely comes with an interesting set of challenges that couples can’t really predict until they are smack in the middle of an interracial relationship.

Though ordinary interracial couples mostly have positive experiences walking down the streets of Australia, they also have a ton of experience with situations they’d rather forget.

Besides the dirty looks and rude comments, here are some challenges of  Interracial Dating in Australia that many Australian couples still have to deal with.

Explicitly telling the same people over and over again you are together
The hardest part of many interracial relationships is having to tell people you are together. Often white Australians assume that when the white Australian partner is a woman, they are being paid to hang out or entertain the man they are with, which is an awful feeling for the couple.

Other couples have noticed that the white Australian is spoken to first, served first and it is assumed they are not together. Both people also notice that they still get hit on in front of one another as if they are not in a relationship – even when doing relationship-like things, such as holding hands.

Dealing with jokes from friends, family and colleagues that play on ethnic stereotypes
It is difficult to know what to do for many interracial couples the first time their partner is talked about negatively due to the color of their skin.

Many couples report it starts as light teasing, but soon escalates to more sinister comments, like those questioning whether they are in a real relationship or asking how their partner’s apartment smells.

You have to decide pretty early on how you are going to deal handle the comments and the people that say them, which can get tricky if it’s your boss or family member.

Finding a place to go where people aren’t staring or asking invasive questions
Couples get used to the stares, but sometimes they just don’t want to deal with them, but it’s hard to find date night locations where it doesn’t happen (besides going to see a movie).

Interracial couples try to find places where there are mixed groups of people, but outside of larger cities, it’s extremely difficult to find some peace. It’s even harder to find other interracial couples to have double dates with.

As the relationship continues, however, most couples say this becomes less of a challenge as they learn to tune out and manage negative people much better.

People assume the relationship won’t last
It’s hard to keep other people out of your relationship, but it’s important when people have low expectations that it will work out – which is exactly what many Australian interracial couples face at the beginning of a new relationship.

The naysayers strongly let them know just how fast their relationship will end, yet have little to say after months go by. Interesting.

Love Overcomes All
At least, for those who think their relationship is worth the stares, glares and disrespect. Interracial dating in Australia is alive and well, but the challenges are real too.

When you know what’s coming though, you both can handle it with smug grace.

Daily struggles that interracial couples in Australia face


interracial dating in Australia

While we were researching on interracial dating, we realized that there are some issues that interracial couples have to deal with, on an everyday basis. You might think that it’s all hunky dory for interracial couples but the truth is that they face such struggles that they did not expect before getting into the relationship.

We would like to tell you that many of these struggles might feel too insignificant but they will actually affect you a lot more than you expect, once they start happening with you. Here are some of the problems that interracial couples in Australia face:

Ever felt left out when you go out with your better half and their friends who are not from your race? This means that you are the odd one out! Your partner and their friends will all look homogenous because of their own racial features and you will look significantly different from them.

There might not be anything going on your mind but that guy at the door of the restaurant might let your entire group in and stop you. You will then go on to explain that you too are a part of the group, exchange a few looks, and then walk in smoothly.

One of the most common types of interracial couples are the ones where one partner is black and the other is white. Well, we are sure you know the difficulties. This can get funny but also frustrating at times. Adjusting the light to get a perfect selfie can be difficult, especially when none of you want to look either very bright or very dark.

We know that being in a relationship means that a lot of jokes will be passed around. Things get a bit trickier with an interracial couple in Australia. There will be jokes that will be made on your race; often, those jokes are based on racial stereotypes. The jokes do not always mean any harm but they just might get a bit overwhelming after a point.

What is worse than being blatantly asked what your partner is? Being hit on is even worse. Picturise the scenario in your head where you go to a party with your partner and suddenly someone starts hitting on your partner. This means that they just assumed that you guys are not together and took their chance to hit on your partner.

Being a parent of children born from an interracial union can be a tough job. You probably would never think that you will have to justify the background of your children and make people believe that they are actually yours. Why this happens you ask? Primarily because your children look very different from you or your partner. You see, we do not have control over our genes!

One of the most exasperating situations is when people try to guess the racial identity of your partner. Some of them go to extent of doing it right in front of your spouse. It can give you a really hard time. What can be even worse is that half of those people assume that races include only blacks, browns, and whites. The fact that mixed races exist is conveniently ignored by them.

We cannot promise that dealing with these interracial dating problems will be easy for you as an interracial couple but you will definitely have an inkling of what to expect from people when you go out with your partner. We hope that this article has been of some help.

Things you must know about interracial relationships in Australia

interracial dating in Australia

A lot of people would like to believe that interracial relationships are a pretty recent phenomenon but this is a huge myth that needs to be busted. Interracial relationships have always existed since a long time, but the attitude that we have towards it has altered a lot in the recent years.

Anti-miscegenation laws existed and they were repealed as well but sadly, we still cannot claim to have done away racial biases and prejudices. In such times, dating someone from a race that is often viewed with scepticism in Australia, can bring a lot of extra concerns for you. We want that you should have a very healthy relationship and that is why this article will be helpful for you to know the dynamics of interracial dating better.

Not only this, you should also be well-informed about interracial relationships and what they mean, so that you can be a pillar of support to your friends and family who might have partners from other races. Here are a few things that you should definitely know about interracial relationships in Australia:

When we stereotype people of a particular race, we are thinking of them as mere objects and not as humans who have their own independent choices, outside of their race. We constitute their whole identity in terms of which race they belong to. To think that African men are dominating or Asian women are very submissive is to reiterate such racial stereotypes.

Many of you might think that people who date across racial and ethnic boundaries actually want to make a statement with it. Well, this is not always true and they do not always want to make a political statement. Neither are they people who want to rebel against their family or their race. Maybe they are just two people who fell in love. Not hard to believe, is it?

Sex is definitely an important part of any romantic relationship. However, to think that this is the only reason that people of different races are together and are experimenting is to have a very narrow view of things. A person may be sexually very active irrespective of what race they belong to.

We usually tend to over-sexualize people who belong to a race other than ours and vice-versa. Doing this makes us forget the most vital part of a relationship, which is love.

Just like any other relationship between people of the same race, interracial relationships are also different from one another. There is no particular norm that interracial couples follow.
Just like everyone else, they have their own desires, preferences, and choice of partners. It is very wrong to put all the interracial relationships in a box and think of them as being homogenous. This reduces the interracial couples into becoming more like robots who are expected to behave in a certain manner.

The fact that we have to write this article and you are reading it, proves that racism has engulfed our minds in such ways that we cannot think of people from other races as being just like us. Of course, there will be cultural differences but that does not make anyone any different as humans.

Interracial couples always have had to put in more effort into their relationship than other couples. This is more because of the social pressure than any differences that they might have between themselves.

Benefits and drawbacks of interracial dating in Australia


If you are in love and your partner is from another race, then you could choose to put aside all the racial differences that might exist between you both. They say that love is powerful and conquers all. We will say it is true but there is a bit of effort that also needs to be put it. If you know the benefits and drawbacks of interracial dating in Australia, then you will brace yourself to face any kind of situation that you might have to handle, being an interracial couple.


There are numerous benefits of being in an interracial relationship in Australia. We have found out the ones that outshine all others. Here they are:

Dating someone from a different race in Australia means that you get exposed to a different culture, a different religion, social set up, food, art, language, and much more. All of us love to experience other cultures, try out new cuisines, learn different languages, etc.

All of these will be made possible when you date a loving partner from another race, who will introduce you to their racial background. And then there is, of course, the possibility of meeting wonderful people from another part of the world who have a lifestyle very different from yours.

If you get into an interracial relationship then it is guaranteed that you will be noticeable in a lot of social circles. Most of us who are wise and considerate, hate racism and want to do something to eradicate it. Being in an interracial relationship will let you take a stand which defines your choices and your ideology.

When people see that you have a partner from another race, they will know that you feel strongly against racism. You will also come across as someone who is open-minded and liberated in terms of race and ethnicity.


Just like the benefits, being in an interracial relationship has its own set of drawbacks as well. Let us see what they are:
It is not easy to maintain an interracial relationship in an Australian society that is not yet free from all racial prejudices. You might have to fight back, defend yourself, or even face abusive comments. From a family member, a friend, colleague, to a random person on the road, the offender can be anyone. If you have the strength and the resilience to deal with all of this, only then consider being in an interracial relationship.

Since you and your partner are from different racial backgrounds, the fact that you will have multiples differences, is almost inevitable. That differences will be there is known, but the nature of those cultural differences may vary.

Anything from language to food, are parts of the culture that we uphold and belong to. So, if you feel that your love is greater than the differences that you share, then you can surely go in for an interracial relationship.

Now that you know some of the most common benefits and drawbacks of interracial dating in Australia, you will know your own circumstances better and be able to deal with the situation in a better way.

We do not discourage you in any way to have an interracial relationship. But, we do believe in the old saying that prevention is better than cure. Knowing the pros and cons will not only let you get a clear picture of what it means to be dating interracially but also let you safeguard your relationship like a pro.

Ways to make your interracial relationship work in Australia

In a world where it is getting increasingly difficult to find someone with whom you can share a true bond of love, it is not surprising that people in Australia are choosing their partners from other races. It is rare to find someone who totally understands you and once you do find someone like that, it is only fair that you do not let them go, don’t you think so?

Races, ethnicities, class, etc, are just unnecessary boundaries that we have formed ourselves and going by them only makes things difficult for us. Some of the people who are smarter and wiser, choose to look beyond such flimsy boundaries and find someone who they want to share their life with. And race is just another term for them when it comes to matters of the heart.

However, it is not always easy to make an interracial relationship in Australia work where the people still harbour racial prejudices. We have, therefore, compiled this article where we are going to tell you about a few tricks that will help you make your interracial relationship work in Australia:

1. Gather all the support
You will have people who will be against your interracial relationship.And then you will also have people who are close to you and who will support you and your partner. Respect those people and let them know that their support matters.

Letting your partner into your close circle gives them a sense of security and makes them feel included into your life. This shows them that you are confident about your relationship and that you take your partner seriously.

2. Be proud of your partner
Being aware of who your partner is and sharing a great equation with them, leads you towards a happy relationship. You should be proud of your partner and celebrate who they are as a person. This will lend your relationship more strength and grounding. There will be racist comments coming your way but if you are proud of your relationship, then mouths will automatically shut up.

3. Who cares what other people say anyway
Try to put all racial stereotypes out of your mind or what other people might tell you about your partner. You might just get into an argument with your partner and blurt out a very racist comment against that will land you in trouble.

The worst case scenario can be that your partner ends things with you, thinking that you are racist and that you were pretending all this while. We are sure that you would not want that.

4. Learn how to adjust
Be it an interracial relationship or a relationship between people of the same race, adjustments are very necessary. This has to be from the end of both the partners. There might be a lot of things that you both will not agree upon but it is important that you mutually respect your boundaries.
As an interracial couple, we agree that the adjustments you will have to make might be a bit more than what other couples do. But, you were the one who chose to be in this relationship with this person that you love so much. So, a little adjustment here and a little compromise there does not harm anyone, does it?

These are some of the basic steps that you could take to make your interracial relationship strong. While there will be difficulties along the way, we suggest that you do not lose heart due to those. And if you do, lose it to your amazing partner!

5 Unusual dating ideas for interracial couples in Sydney



Anyone who is heavy on the interracial dating scene in Australia will have a few terrible date stories to tell which range from being daggy and dull to disastrous. If you are a fan of interracial dating or dating outside the team, it does not have to be boring at all. It should be something that is meant to be enjoyed and fun especially if you live in the wonderful city of Sydney, Australia. The city is full of overwhelming choices for an interracial couple on their first date. To prevent you from going for the more traditional “drinks at the bar” date, here are some unusual dating ideas in the lovely city of Sydney.

I.Kayaking – A water event such as kayaking is a great option and a wonderful substitute to their usual “date at the bar”. This date ticks all the boxes; it is memorable, offers a challenge and most importantly lets you experience the great outdoors. Rose Bay Aquatic Hire are the people to go to when it comes to Kayaks because doubles are offered at $50 per hour while singles are offered at $25 per hour. It avoid peak times, it is advised to go kayaking early.

II.Take some dance classes – Sydney has its fair of places like in North Sydney, Paddington and Newton that offer everything from Lindy Hop, Jazz and blues. It can be a breath of fresh air to take your date to a dance class because they get to move their feet to the rhythm of music and a chance for a little bit of body contract.

III.Go fishing – This is something that is rather different but fishing is an activity that many couples find interesting after they have tried it. There are a few good fishing spots in Sydney like the Pier 2 at Walsh Bay. This is a very wonderful place especially around the summer time when the sun is shining. If you are out of dating ideas, give fishing a try, it is very refreshing.

IV.Bike riding – Instead of simply taking a stroll in the park, why not hire a bike. Bikes in Sydney can be hired from Centennial Park which is easy to find if you know the city well. They have tandem bikes there available and while you might look a bit funny on them, they give you a chance to enjoy the great outdoors and have a laugh. You can use the bikes to explore the park especially the mini maze and the wood forest. If it does happen that you and your date feel hungry, there is a wonderful place in the park called the centennial Dining where coffee and lunch can be purchased before you continue exploring.

V.Axe throwing – This might sound a bit dangerous but it is actually plenty of fun. An area in St Peter called Maniax offer two hour sessions which need to be booked in advance for $50 per person.

I wish the above Austrialian interracial dating tips are helpful.

5 wonderful secrets to a happy interracial relationship in Australia

interracial dating in Australia

Interracial couples look good together and over the years there has been a rise of them in Australia. The mutual respect and tenderness they have for each other is clear for all to see. Spouses that have found the key to having a successful interracial relationship are like fine wine; their love gets stronger over time. Below are some useful secrets that bring harmony into interracial relationships in Australia.

I. Honesty and be yourself – In a relationship, everyone wants to be perfect and make less mistakes but that is not always the case. No one is perfect, just be yourself and not lie about things because when it all comes out, it can cause cracks in a relationship. That’s why many people say “Honesty is the best policy”. Couples should always be sincere with each other and never be afraid to let the other know how they are feeling. One of the first steps to dealing with any problems in a relationship is talking about it in an honest way.

II. Positivity – If a person is negative most of the time, they will bring other people close to them, especially a spouse down. If one is a very cheerful and bubbly, they will bring positive emotions and happiness to those close to them. No one wants to be around people who are negative and it is clear to see that interracial couples in Australia are very happy because they try to stay as positive as possible. They make each laugh and joke around a lot which is the key to bringing happiness.

III. They never let jealousy creep in – Jealousy is a very tough emotion to hide and interracial couples in Australia do everything they can to not drive each other crazy with by letting it creep into their interracial relationship. If there is some jealousy in the relationship, they calm each other down and remind each other that they love one another. They also try to understand the root of the jealousy and try to stay clear of actions or activities that might cause jealousy which is the perfect solution.

IV. They clearly display the love they have for each other – Reminding a partner how much they are appreciated for the things that they do does warm their heart. This is something that interracial couples in Australia do a lot. They demonstrate the love they have for each other openly by saying sweet things to each other, public display of affection and buying each other gifts. Even the smallest things they do for each other do go a long way and they do not take things or their partner for granted at all. This allows them to have a strong connection with each other and show their partner that they are special.

V. They create memories with each other – Nothing brings interracial couples closer than the chance to create some wonderful memories together. Going to different countries for holidays, taking part in competition and even takes classes are just a few of the many activities that help couples create special moments together.

Understanding interracial dating relationship

black women white men

Loving someone is not easy as it is. But loving someone from a different race and cultural background is downright difficult. But it is not impossible. And that is because no matter how different we are from each other, we are still the same human species.

And today, we do not live in a world divided by different civilizations like our ancestors, but instead we live in a single inter-connected human colossal civilization. And that is the reason why interracial dating in Australia today are much more common than they used to be just a couple of decades ago.

And yet there might be many reasons for you to feel nervous about. The cultural differences and cultural shocks, the difference in lifestyles and to determine what is acceptable and what is not due to your separate kinds of upbringing. And yet, it does not matter with love, because love transcends boundaries and races. S0, you should definitely follow our advice to have a better black white dating relationship.

Communicate with your heart: The most important thing in not just a black white dating relationship, but in any relationship is the fact that you have to communicate with your partner. And this communication needs to be completely open and from your heart. Do not bottle up your feelings and wait for the ugly moments to explode as it would only create a wall between your relationships. Instead break the existing walls by communicating with all you have got.

Understand their feelings: The second thing, but just as important, is to understand your partner’s feelings. There might be times when your partner might fail to outright talk to you in times of distress or anxiety. Instead of pressurizing them into talking when they clearly do not want to, try understanding their feelings without any words. We understand that it is difficult to know something when your partner does not tell you about it in the first place. But you are with them and you understand their habits better than anyone. So, you can understand them until they are ready to talk.

Give them space: The biggest problem that comes in any black white relationship, that almost everyone has their own notion of how much space is appropriate. Just because it might be appropriate for you, does not necessarily mean that it will be for your partner too. It is a completely different human being you are with, and they have the right to decide how much space and time that they desire. So, whenever your partner asks for some space, give it to them and do not return until they ask you to. This will create both trust and a stronger bond in your relationship.
So, you should follow all the points that we have mentioned before and try your best to connect to your partner. There might be age old cultural and racial differences in black women white men dating relationship, but there is nothing that love cannot overcome.

Black white dating relationship with anxiety issues

Are you in an interracial relationship with someone who has anxiety issues? Chances are that you truly love someone if you have reached out to the internet to help you in this situation. You want to love your better half no matter what happens and you are afraid that this anxiety of theirs is just killing your relationship every day.

The simple cultural differences, and the differences in your lifestyles is driving a nail in their brain, and even the slightest quirks can set off episodes of unbearable pain and sadness in them. And no matter what you do, how much you try to help them, you just cannot seem to. It feels like your love is not enough, it feels like you are not enough.

But believe it or not, as your partner might have already told you this countless times. This is not you, it was never you, and it was this mental traumatic disease that has your partner in its grip. It shakes them, quakes them and turns them into a nervous wreck. And from all of this pain, only your love can alleviate them from all the darkness that surrounds your partner. Follow these simple advices; you will see a drastic improvement in your black white dating relationship.

  • Understand their pain: Humans are empathetic beings, and so it is naturally built inside us to put ourselves in someone else’s shoes. And yet no matter how much you try you cannot understand their pain. This is because their pain is caused by extreme anxiety, and even if you do understand a bit of it, you will never completely understand how it feels if you have never experienced anxiety before. So, instead of trying to fully understand their pain, try to understand their anxiety. If you cannot do it organically, you can still do it mechanically by learning about it. Learn about what causes it and how it has affected millions of people across the world.
  • Getting help: Why do we undermine and shun mental diseases so much? Why do we give so much importance to physical trauma and yet feel burdened by the aspect of a mental trauma? The truth is that the extreme anxiety is a mental disease and it needs to be treated exactly the same way how you would treat a physical disease. You have to encourage your partner to get some real psychologist help and get medicines that can help them recover.
  • Never give up: Amongst all the breakdowns, scream matches, and painful shivers, hides the struggling heart of your lover. Do not forget this especially at the times when you feel like you cannot take it anymore. Remember that even if they do not tell you often, they do in fact; value you more than anyone in this world. This black white relationship crosses space time and all boundaries, so never give up on it.

We hope all of this advice will help you have a better black white dating relationship with your partner who suffers from anxiety. Do not worry, love will prevail in the end.

Loving someone from a different race

Life is a collection of brilliant colors. And the colors that comprise of us have also divided us for thousands of years with bigotry and hatred. And being from a generation that has come after the wars of segregation, it is our duty to bridge this divide with love. And even if there might be stormy seas of cultural and racial differences between us, we must all rise above it and conquer them with life and understanding.

So, when you have fallen in love with someone from a different race and cultural background from you, it might be quite difficult make this black white dating relationship successful. From time to time, you might fall in several problems that may arise due to these differences but that is nothing that you should be worried about, because all of this can be solved by following the advice given below. So, let us have a look at how you can love someone from a different race and have a successful interracial relationship.

·Talk freely: The first thing that you need to do to elevate tensions between you and your partner is by talking freely about everything. While in the beginning of the relationship, it might not be needed to talk as much. But then in the beginning of the relationship, everyone is enchanted by the grace and allure of the honeymoon period. But after this period ends, the defining period of your relationship begins. The onset of this period in any black white dating relationship comes with challenges and differences. And this can only be solved if you and your partner talk about all of these problems without hiding anything like mature adults.

·Learn to forget and forgive: Being romantically with someone is a whole lot different than being with friends or being with someone casually.  This is when you are sharing not just your most intimate moments but also a huge chunk of your day to day life. There is nothing magical about that, in fact in the mundane life is when most relationships break due to problems. But what is magical is that now you belong to each other. So, you need to learn to forget and forgive some things about your partner and move on without holding any grudges. This will give you a much broader perspective and will help strengthen your relationship as well.

·Trust your partner: We understand that this is the most obvious advice that we can give you. After all, trust is at the core of not just a black white dating relationship but at the core of every kind of relationship. And yet, a lot of people undermine its value and think that trust only matters at certain times. No, you have to trust your partner at all times and not jump to negative conclusions with the slightest quips. Learn to trust and believe in your partner and in turn they will do the same.

All of these things will help you create a nurturing and warm environment for your black white dating relationship to grow stronger together. So, hope for the best and love your partner regardless of your differences of race and culture.