Australian interracial dating Naturally in Darwin


Darwin is often forgotten about in the rush to visit Australia’s most famed cities, such as Sydney and Melbourne, but it is a favored attraction for back-packers, crocodile aficionados and beer festival lovers. What really makes it special though is that is the most integrated town in Australia and the people like it that way. You may go to Darwin if you are interested in Australian interracial dating.

A Little About Darwin

Technically, Darwin is a town, not a city, but it is the capital city of the Northern Territory, has a military base and was voted a top tourist destination by Lonely Planet in 2012. With a population of just a little over 81,000, it has more crocodiles than it has human inhabitants.

Darwin is hot. It averages 32º C., or 90º F year-round. Its seasons are separated by “wet season” and “dry season”. This northernmost city has a coastal front surrounded by the Indian Ocean, and is in close circumference to the islands of Indonesia, so think tropical when you’re thinking about Darwin.

The Northern Territory has a number of aboriginal villages that continue a way of life that has existed for thousands of years. The villages are friendly, but if you go there to experience a little of their lifestyle, be sure to bring plenty of food; and be prepared to pass it around. In the villages, everything is shared, and you may have to be prepared to share with as many as twenty-five people.

There are also aboriginals living in Darwin; the ones who have chosen a more modern way of life, complete with cell phones, computer technology and mass transportation. They blend in with a mix of twenty other cultural heritages, including British, Irish, Asian and Greek.

You Know You’re from Darwin if…

Darwin has a highly transient population. The town is frequented by drifters, international back packers, non-stationary military personnel and visitors who came and decided to stick around for awhile. There is something about Darwin that influences anyone who has lived there for awhile; a live and let live attitude that ultimately makes them realize they’re from Darwin. Darwin has stamped them.

If you’re from Darwin, racism is the last thing on your mind, so interracial dating in Australian here is not a problem. In fact, those who entertain a bit of racist thinking are advised it’s best to move on. Darwinians don’t just enjoy its multi-cultural heritage. They relish it as the most enriching aspect of their lives. While their casual slang is just as abrupt as the rest of Australia – military personnel are called “AJ’s” or “army jerks”, and the British are “g’day people” – it’s simply in keeping with their blunt nature. If you’re from Darwin, you’re still from Australia and frankness is what you’d expect first.

Fitting into Darwin

Tropical, multi-cultural, laid back; Darwin sounds like a dream come true; but just like any other cultural heritage, there are some things you should know if you want a relationship with a Darwinian.

Darwinians are nature lovers who enjoy just about anything you can do outdoors, but their greatest passion is for fishing. If you wish to date a Darwinian, be prepared to spend a lot of time on the water.

It’s not difficult to break in to Darwin society. Darwinians are very open, enthusiastic people who enjoy anybody who takes a genuine interest in their town. All you have to do is join in on the numerous activities that exist, circulate through the cafe’s and just start making friends with those who share common interests.

The cost of living is very high in Darwin; but the people are unconcerned about social status. They welcome everyone from backpackers to high rollers and are very free with their advice on how to live cheaply. If you’ve fallen in love with Darwin and want to stay, they’ll tell you there’s plenty of work to be found if you’re not picky. Falling in love with Darwin is the first step in finding the Darwinian love of your life.

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