5 Tips for Dating an Interracial Partner in AU


So…you have definitely admitted your attraction to an interracial partner. Maybe you have a friend you’re crushing on that’s a different race, or you simply love the way that a different race partner looks. However, being attracted is only half the battle. Now you have to figure out how to start a relationship with your crush without psyching yourself out. Rise to the challenge and remember these five AU interracial dating tips.

1.Have self confidence.

Remember your goal when starting any new opposite sex friendship. Approach him or her in a spirit of confidence. Doubt will always slow you down and make your crush think that you have issues. Worst of all, your crush might think that you have a problem with interracial dating and may reject you. This is why it’s important to approach the situation while you’re feeling your best, feeling happy and with an optimistic attitude that says you can’t lose!

2.Decide in advance that no one else is going to define your relationship for you.

If you go into a relationship self-conscious of what other people think your relationship probably won’t work. On the other hand, if you’re so angry about the racism ingrained in your family that you’re ready to make it a major issue with everyone single person you talk to, you’re relationship is still not going to work. The important thing to do is focus on why you like this person one on one, regardless of what other people think. Letting other people influence you will cause tension and if you’re not careful, the other person may start to think you are too immature to handle the relationship.

3. Be honest and hold nothing back.

You might be surprised at how many relationships end or are strained by someone’s unwillingness to share. Keeping secrets, including secret thoughts or feelings you’re struggling with will not help. If you are honest with your partner about the things you have doubts about this will only help to strengthen communication. And yes, if you are attracted to someone of a different race, by all means let them know! Being shy or overly stoic about your attraction is only going to send mixed messages. Be proud of your attraction and always try to share your feelings, since that makes sex better AND it takes your relationship to a new level of intimacy.

4.Don’t pretend to be a know it all.

There’s no need to pretend as if you’re an expert on interracial dating in AU. A lot of people are attracted to others who are of a different race. But this doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to be educated on every aspect of that race or ethnicity’s culture. Admit what you don’t know and let him/her tell you, or ask the parents or relatives. They will be happy to share their culture with you if you have a humble attitude.

5. Don’t be satisfied with the physical. Get to know them on an emotional and spiritual level.

It’s easy to become sidetracked when you are physically enamored with another person. But paying attention to the things they think about and talk about, as well as their hopes, dreams and values, will let you know who they really are. Before the relationship gets serious you have to know who you are really becoming involved with and what motivates them to love.

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