4 Reasons Interracial Couples are More Successful in Australia


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Despite the growing acceptance of interracial couples, many still face heavy scrutiny from those around them. The constant onslaught of negative remarks about interracial dating in Australia often make it difficult for couples to fully accept and embrace their own love. When the doubt creeps in, it’s important to remember that interracial couples are statistically more successful for these four reasons.

Adversity is a Way of Life

In interracial dating, couples are faced with adversity at every turn. Too many people seem to be against your love because it is “different”. The variety of stereotypes that surround this type of relationships makes each couple have to work twice as hard to prove their love. Facing constant adversity changes the way individuals love each other. They are more understanding of their partners needs and willing to work harder to fight for the love they believe they deserve. They are successful in long term relationships because they are better equipped to overcome adversity in all its forms.

It’s Easier to Ignore Judgement

One factor that often drives the part any couple is facing the judgment of those around them. We live in a society that constantly feels the need to judge everyone. We are judged on the type of job that we have, the car that we drive, the way that we raise our kids, and even the close that we choose to purchase. Before you know it, constantly feeling like you need to be keeping up with the Joneses is exactly what divides a relationship. For interracial couples, judgment is part of their everyday life. They learned to tune it out and live their lives in a way that makes them happy. When those other societal pressures come along, it’s easy for them to ignore and thrive.

Interracial Dating Community is Strong

Any couple who has been the only mixed race pair and an all-white community knows that you can easily be made to feel like an outsider. When you feel like your friends and neighbors are casting their own opinions on you without getting to know you, it can make you doubt your relationship. The simple truth is that interracial couples have a strong sense of community with others who are like them. This creates an environment where couples are able to flourish and relate with other individuals struggling with the same misconceptions about the relationships as them.

Dependency is Built In

Depending on your lifestyle, it can be difficult to find the right individuals to confide in when you are in an interracial relationship. Some people simply cannot understand the challenges of interracial dating in Australia which you face every day. You have to learn to be dependent on your partner. Lack of dependency in a relationship is often a point of divide for couples. One person or the other is seeking to fulfill their dependencies through outside sources instead of in their relationship. This makes the other person feel obsolete. In interracial couples, the dependency is built-in. You know that your partner is the one person you can depend on for anything and therefore turn to them and help build a stronger foundation for your relationship.

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