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Back-Packing to Romance in Australia

The Land Down Under receives an international crowd of visitors year round.  Exquisite beaches, stunning sunsets and an almost ethereal landscape create a perfect backdrop for romance.  Add in multi-cultural festivities and concerts, Eastern, Mediterranean and Western cuisine, resorts and hotels catering to tourism and you’ve got a dating atmosphere that just won’t quit.  On top of it all, Australians are very friendly toward back-packers.

Why Back Pack

There are tourists and then there are travelers.  Tourists target specific hotels, restaurants, resorts and recreational areas.  Their time is limited, so they follow a strict agenda of places to go and things to see.  Travelers are more leisurely, They drift.  They visit with locals and learn about local establishments, experiment with new foods and don’t move on until the urge hits them.

Being a traveler isn’t necessarily expensive.  Travelers are often back-packers living on a minimal budget, making use of hostels, campgrounds and local busses.  If they find a place they like, they might settle down a few months with a job until the urge to travel hits them again.

Finding a Back Packing Companion in Australia

Australia welcomes back packers. Throughout the continent, you will find campgrounds, hostels and back packers’ bars that make it easy to hook up with other travelers and exchange information.  There’s a no-holds barred attitude that comes with the traveler’s life style.  You can be as tame or as wild as you crave; providing you’re not breaking any laws.  Interracial romance in Australia is common, and run from one-night-stands to long-term commitments.

Quick romance is practically guaranteed if you make use of the back packer bars and taverns.  Hot numbers include Italians, Spaniards, Latin Americans and West Africans.  Remember though, there is a morning after.  That alcohol-fueled passionate love of the night before may very well dissipate the next day.

You learn a lot in a very short time about the other back packers in your group if you’re staying at a hostel.  It doesn’t take long to find someone who is going your way and would make a compatible companion.  Campgrounds give you the personal space of your own tent, but you still have the opportunity to mingle freely with other eligible campers, with the advantage of learning from first hand experience what recreational activities your new romantic partner enjoys.

From Fling to Permanence

The biggest drawback from traveling with backpackers is that travelers are notoriously independent.  No matter how wonderful your romance may have been, there may still come a time when you go your separate ways.  That itch to travel usually has a direction in mind if not a destination.  You have to be prepared to let it go if your destination is west and your traveling companion wants to go north.

The story doesn’t always end that way.  Many couples who ultimately settled down and raised families, began their lives together as traveling companions.  From diverse countries, cultures and races, they found common ground back packing in Australia, leisurely learning about the countryside as well as each other, developing an interracial relationship in Australia that just wouldn’t say goodbye.

Australian Connection

Australians have a lot of national pride and a very large nation to be proud of, which explains their enthusiasm for the leisurely traveler.  It would take a very long time to really get to know the land and its people, but it’s definitely worth it.  Even though the inhabitants are primarily urbanized, they still enjoy the vast, open spaces of their frontier.  Back packers in Australia, find an open, helpful people, who speak frankly but generally exchange respect for respect.

A romantic encounter with an Australian could easily lead to permanence, as what Australians say, they tend to say earnestly, without ulterior motives.  Australians are usually relaxed in their approach, dress casually and enthusiastic about anything that sounds like adventure or just good old fashioned fun.  For travelers who are searching for that heart of gold, the answer could just be waiting in Australia.