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Making an Australian Interracial Romance Work

No doubt, it takes time and effort to make a relationship work.  If you’re an Australian who has found an interracial or aboriginal-blood partner, you may have questions about how to avoid common problems of interracial dating in Australia and keep the relationship honest and long-lasting.  The first thing to remember is that there is no “standard” and really, each relationship is different.  Relationships are all about communicating as individuals and focusing on your partner’s needs.
Know the Culture
It’s important to remember that aboriginal culture tends to be strong in certain families and so learning about each other’s roots will only help to build respect.  You may want to discuss it early on, or later, if you are progressing for the long-term.  Knowing that cultural differences plague some other couples may help you to determine a way to sidestep these problems by dealing with feelings and learning cultural sensitivities.  In particular for Australians, raising children can be a volatile subject matter, especially when it comes to neglecting children, or even the allegation of neglect, since this was a major issue of contentment in the pre-1970s era.  Issues of politics and religion can also be divisive subjects.
Remember when negotiating with one another, you don’t have to agree necessarily on every last point.  However, what is important is maintaining respect for each other and being determined to show that respect so you can make the relationship work.

Keeping a Humble Attitude Matters
Whether you’re native or not, maintaining a spirit of humility can always help to smooth things over and avoid argument.  You may not yet know all of the cultural differences but being willing to learn and willing to apologize and accept responsibility for a mistake goes a long way, especially when talking to family members.
Finding common ground with your partner’s parents is a very important step.  Showing respect to his or her parents, rather than immediately challenging them for any outdated views or racist or stereotypical expressions, can help to defuse tension.  You will find that parents simply want to be respected for their wisdom and age.
Sometimes showing respect to others simply means letting something go if it is a trivial matter.  For instance, sensing that people are staring at you—which they might very well be doing—is no reason to make your partner uncomfortable by picking a fight.  It really doesn’t matter what strangers think of you…though you ought to know that sometimes when a person “stares”, it may not be because of a negative reaction.  Sometimes people stare because they find you attractive, they envy what you have, or perhaps they even find your courage very admirable.  You never really know what they  mean behind those looks.  Give them the benefit of the doubt and you may be surprised.
Finding an Ideal Match
Ultimately, finding an ideal match is the best way to avoid future problems.  You may find, as you search for an online partner through a variety of filtering tools, that while many people are attractive, not all of them are good matches for you, based on their lifestyle, career, political or religious views and their other values.  Finding the right match early on is a great way to prepare for productive and kind interracial relationships in Australia—the most important one of your life!