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How to Have Fun While Dating an Australian

While it’s still considered a white culture, Australians come in all colors.  Historically, the Chinese have been in Australia as long as the English, and the northern coastline contains a wide mix of Eastern Asian, Mediterranean and West African heritages.  The Aboriginals, once discriminated against nearly to the point of extinction, are now a vibrant community, with over fifty percent of the youth claiming a white/ Aboriginal background.

The Commonality of Australians

It’s not fair to stereotype any nationality, but there are some attributes nearly all Australians seem to have in common.  They are frank and outspoken.  If they find room to throw in a joke, they will; even jokes that feel uncomfortable or racist to other international perceptions.  They have a reputation for being laid back, yet they don’t mind arguing for the sake of an argument.  They have strong family values.  A date involving meeting family members means the Australian interracial romance is being taken to a whole new level.

Australians are industrious, but distinguishing a successful Australian from an unsuccessful one can be difficult.  Wealthier Australians tend to down play their wealth, while the not so wealthy will put out a great deal of money to maintain appearances.  This is in keeping with their concepts of an egalitarian society where social status is not as important as individual value.

Australian Pursuits

For an urbanized population, Australians love the great outdoors; primarily its miles and miles of pristine beaches.  One of the very best places to take your Australian date to is the beach; the type of beach is between the two of you, as there are so many to choose from; warm tropical beaches in northern Australia, white sand beaches, rocky beaches, beaches with a fantastic surf or the stunning beaches at Wine Glass Bay, Tasmania.  There are also plenty of nudist beaches for the full blown sun worshiper.

Not all these beach lovers are content to just lay around and work on their sun tans.  Your Australian date may have a deep love of scuba diving, snorkeling, swimming, boating or paddling a canoe.  Your date might be a rock hound or marine biology who takes pleasure in scrambling among rocks to discover tiny ecosystems or examine geological treasures.

Surfing is alive and well in Australia.  If you’re enthusiastic about surfing or have always wanted to try it out, you’ll find a very large crowd of Australians who feel there’s no better pastime than surfing.

It’s All in the Game
Australians may be laid back, but if you think that means passive, don’t kid yourself.  Australians have a competitive streak.  They love sports, taking either an active part, or as an enthusiastic fan.  You can’t go wrong taking your Australian date to a soccer match, a maritime or motorized vehicle race, or other sporting event.  If your date is highly physical, there’s nothing like a biking tour, an off-road adventure or kayaking contest to get those juices going.

The game is upped in formal dating, such as to a restaurant, concert or theater.  Australians have no problem with paying for their share of the date and generally prefer to keep things that way.  In return, they expect to be treated as equals, with no obligations to take the date to the next level unless both sides are willing.

Dating an Australian means putting on your best game as an individual who is enthralled with the sights and sounds of Australia and is eager to learn more about Australian life-styles.  Racism is a word that is quickly fading from the Australian vocabulary and being replaced with “I like you and that’s why I’m attracted to you”.